The Return on the Data Asset in the Era of Big Data: Capturing the $1.6 trillion Data Dividend

Several prior research studies have looked at the benefits of any point investment in big data and business analytics over no investment at all. Recognizing that a growing number of organizations have already invested in a base level of business analytics technology and capabilities, IDC set out to identify the difference between those organization and… Read more

Cloud computing enables job growth, according to IDC study

by STB Blogger Today, Microsoft Corp. released a commissioned study from analyst firm IDC suggesting that cloud computing will be a major source of job growth. IDC’s research indicates that by 2015, cloud computing will generate 14 million new jobs globally and revenues from cloud innovation could reach $1.1 trillion per year. Cloud efficiencies, combined… Read more

IDC Announces Q2 Worldwide Server Virtualization License Shipments

Industry analyst firm IDC today announced worldwide virtualization license shipments in the second quarter of 2008 (2Q08) increased 53% year over year, compared to a 72% year-over-year increase the previous quarter. The x86 server market led the way with 60% year-over-year growth followed by the EPIC server market with 18% growth. See the news release… Read more