May 8, 2014 News Thursday: Ventyx Asset Management Now Running on Microsoft Azure and more Cloud and Enterprise News…

Ventyx Asset Management Now Running on Microsoft Azure On Tuesday, Ventyx, an ABB company, announced that its asset performance software portfolio is now available in a hybrid or full-cloud model, running on Microsoft Azure. Ventyx chose Azure because of Microsoft’s broad use throughout the utility industry, and sees the benefits to its customers being reduction… Read more

The Return on the Data Asset in the Era of Big Data: Capturing the $1.6 trillion Data Dividend

Several prior research studies have looked at the benefits of any point investment in big data and business analytics over no investment at all. Recognizing that a growing number of organizations have already invested in a base level of business analytics technology and capabilities, IDC set out to identify the difference between those organization and… Read more

Microsoft Talks Analytics, Introduces New Preview of BI Technology

by STB Blogger Today at the PASS Business Analytics Conference in Chicago, Microsoft disclosed a public preview of project codename “GeoFlow” for Excel, which is now available for download as an Excel add-in here. Project codename “GeoFlow” is a 3D visualization tool for mapping, exploring and interacting with both geographic and chronological data, providing users… Read more