January 13, 2011 News Thursday: WebMatrix RTM, Windows Azure PHP tool Updates, and more Server and Tools News

Microsoft announces the release of WebMatrix Today, Microsoft announced the worldwide availability of WebMatrix, a free set of tools designed to help website developers of all skill levels easily create, customize and publish websites to the internet. It is available in nine languages and includes tools to create new websites using either code provided through… Read more

Lokad Announces Cloud-based Sales Forecasting for the Retail Industry, hosted on Windows Azure

Today Lokad announced Salescast, a web application for sales forecasting hosted on Windows Azure, at National Retail Federation’s 100th Annual Exposition and Conference.   To meet the sales forecasting challenge in the retail industry, Lokad delivers forecasting as a cloud-based,  on-demand service that requires little or no manpower on the retailer side.  Because it is… Read more