Cloud Platform Release Announcements for May 30, 2018

Power BI Desktop | Power BI Desktop – GA New features and updates are now available in Power BI Desktop: Reporting: Conditional formatting by a different field, Advanced slicer syncing, Log axis improvements, Data label options for funnel chart, and Set line stroke width to zero. Analytics: Measure drill through. Power BI Premium: Incremental refresh… Read more

Cloud Platform Release Announcements for May 21, 2018

Azure DevOps Tool Integrations | Disclosure—Terraform OSS Resource Provider in Azure Resource Manager Aligned Event: 05/07/2018 — 05/09/2018 — Microsoft Build 2018 We’re announcing a private preview of a new Azure Resource Provider, Microsoft.TerraformOSS. The goal of this Resource Provider is to allow customers to manage resources that have a Terraform provider through Azure Resource… Read more

Cloud Platform Release Announcements for May 7, 2018

Azure IoT Edge | New capabilities We’re making advanced capabilities with Azure IoT Edge available so that our partners and customers can get started with business value right away, instead of worrying about infrastructure for edge computing. First, we’re open sourcing the Azure IoT Edge Runtime, allowing customers to modify the runtime, debug issues, and… Read more