May 8, 2014 News Thursday: Ventyx Asset Management Now Running on Microsoft Azure and more Cloud and Enterprise News…

Ventyx Asset Management Now Running on Microsoft Azure

On Tuesday, Ventyx, an ABB company, announced that its asset performance software portfolio is now available in a hybrid or full-cloud model, running on Microsoft Azure. Ventyx chose Azure because of Microsoft’s broad use throughout the utility industry, and sees the benefits to its customers being reduction in upfront capital investments, flexibility in test scenarios, and high scalability.

To learn more about Ventyx’s use of Azure, check out their press release.

Forecasting Capabilities Generally Available for Power BI for Office 365

Today, at the PASS Business Analytics Conference, Microsoft announced the availability of forecasting capabilities for Power BI for Office 365. With forecasting, users can predict their data series forward in interactive charts and reports. With these new Power BI capabilities, users can explore the forecasted results, adjust for seasonality and outliers, view result ranges at different confidence levels, and hindcast to view how the model would have predicted recent results.

Read the Data Platform Insider blog post to learn more about Microsoft’s keynote at PASS Business Analytics Conference, and check out the Power BI blog for a detailed look at the forecasting capabilities in Power BI for Office 365.