Microsoft Released New Updates and PCI Compliance for Windows Azure

Continuing to deliver on its commitment to offering the best possible experience for developers, Microsoft announced another wave of enhancements to Windows Azure this morning. These updates include:

  • The general availability of Windows Azure Hyper-V Recovery Manager, which providers customers access to a cloud-integrated disaster recovery solution that simply and cost-effectively protects applications by automating the replication of running VMs to a secondary site. Windows Azure provides health monitoring of the primary site, stores your customized recovery plan, and orchestrates the recovery of services at your secondary site in the event of an outage.
  • Website updates that provide a richer set of capabilities for developers to create and manage applications, and ultimately test content in a staging environment before seamlessly making the switch over to production.
  • Validation of Windows Azure against the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DDS), which enables customers to run their own secure and compliant applications.

For a full list of updates please visit Scott Guthrie’s blog, and for additional insight on the Hyper-V Recovery Manager check out this blog from Brad Anderson