November 14, 2013 News Thursday: Windows Azure and SQL Server Power "Smart Buildings" and More Cloud and Enterprise News…

by C&E Blogger

Windows Azure and SQL Server helping the City of Seattle cut operating costs up to 25%

The City of Seattle, the largest city in the Pacific Northwest and one of the fastest-growing cities in the country, recently implemented a “Smart Building” solution in a handful of large commercial buildings in the city’s downtown area. The solution, deployed by Microsoft partner Accenture, captures and analyzes terabytes of data from existing building management systems such as HVAC and lighting control using SQL Server and Windows Azure. The solution generates real-time guidance for how to best optimize equipment for energy conservation, and real-time updates on the status of equipment. These updates ensure systems are running as efficiently as possible, and prevent expensive failure situations, which will save the City of Seattle up to 25% in operating costs.

For more information about how Microsoft is helping state and local governments work smarter, check out today’s Official Microsoft Blog post. To learn more about the City of Seattle’s “Smart Buildings,” check out the case study.

Gartner Analyzes Hyper-V and vSphere

A report released last month by Gartner analyst Thomas Bittman advises clients what to consider when choosing the best offering for server virtualization, and discusses the evolution of this market. Gartner calls out three key areas (Acquisition costs, Ease of management, and Functionality).

According to Gartner:

The good news is this market, once dominated by a single vendor with the ability to charge anything it wanted, is now competitive. Take advantage of that.

The report is worth a read in the context of some of the recent Windows Server Hyper-V developments like it’s performance with 1st party workloads, the IaaS innovations in the R2 wave, and that world record we set with HP and SAP.

To learn more, check out the In the Cloud blog here.

New Weekly Podcast Teaches Customers the Ins and Outs of Windows Azure

Customers can now tune-in to a new weekly podcast – Windows Azure Fridays – to learn how they can build, deploy and manage applications using the language, framework or tool of their choice on Windows Azure. Each Friday, Scott Hanselman, Principal Community Architect for Web Platform and Tools, and members of the Windows Azure engineering team will discuss and demonstrate how various Windows Azure features can be used to solve common challenges. 

Check-out the Windows Azure Fridays website for current and past episodes.