September 5, 2013 News Thursday: Microsoft previews Windows Azure Cache Service and more Server and Tools News…

by STB Blogger

Microsoft previews Windows Azure Cache Service and improves AutoScale

Microsoft has released new capabilities in Windows Azure, including the preview of Windows Azure Cache Service and improvements to AutoScale, which help customers have more control when building applications.

  • In preview today, Windows Azure Cache Service allows customers to create a secure, dedicated cache for any application or multiple stamps of the same application, or for Web Sites or Virtual Machines. This gives customers more control, but leaves Microsoft to manage the health of the cache, so customers can focus on building great applications. 
  • As an extension of the announcement made in June, Microsoft has made key improvements to AutoScale, which include schedule-based autoscaling for Web Sites and Virtual Machines. Additionally, Microsoft added the capability to schedule instances by Week Days, Week Nights and Weekends in order to increase efficiency. 

For more information on these and other updates, please refer to Scott Guthrie’s blog.

Microsoft expands Windows Azure MSDN benefit

Microsoft announced the expansion of the Windows Azure MSDN benefit to additional MSDN subscription levels, enabling even more subscribers to take advantage of development and test on Windows Azure.

Similar to the announcement made during TechEd in June, MSDN Platforms and Visual Studio Test Professional with MSDN subscribers will now receive the Windows Azure MSDN benefit ($100 and $50 monthly credits, respectively). Subscribers will also receive a $200 Windows Azure credit the first month they use their benefit.

Check out Brian Harry’s blog for more information about the expansion, the Windows Azure MSDN benefit or how to sign up.