August 8, 2013 News Thursday: Windows Server 2012 Storage helps customers do more with less and more Server and Tools News

by STB Blogger



Windows Server 2012 Storage helps customers do more with less

A July 2013 report from ESG Lab found that a Microsoft Windows Server 2012 storage solution can save organizations as much as 50% compared with tradition iSCSI and FC SAN solutions.

The report outlines ESG’s tests of both the readiness and cost-effectiveness of Microsoft’s storage solution. In addition to massive cost-savings, ESG found that Windows Server 2012, with storage features including file server cluster, Storage Spaces, and SMB 3.0, delivered a slight performance benefit when compared with iSCSI and FC SAN solutions. 

In addition, ESG found that, with the upcoming release of Windows Server 2012 R2, Microsoft’s storage configuration is beginning to match traditional storage offerings feature for feature.

You can read the full report here.

Software Defined Networking (SDN): Double-Clicking into our Point of View

Software defined networking enables software to dynamically manage the network in a way that helps customers better meet the requirements of their applications and workloads. However, SDN is an evolving paradigm and Microsoft’s conversations with thousands of customers over the past few months revealed that many questions remain around SDN. Check out the Windows Server Blog to learn how:

  • SDN solutions simply networking using the power of software.
  • SDN creates opportunities for server and networking admins to enhance their careers.
  • Non-traditional players like Microsoft have a significant role to play in the SDN space.

Read the full blog post here.