June 20, 2013 News Thursday: Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP Availability on Windows Azure and More Server and Tools News…

by STB Blogger

Microsoft Dynamics NAV and Microsoft Dynamics GP Available on Windows Azure

Microsoft Dynamics NAV 2013 and Microsoft Dynamics GP 2013 customers can now take advantage of easy to use, quick to implement business solutions in a secure, enterprise-class cloud infrastructure hosted on Windows Azure Infrastructure Services. This is made possible through the Microsoft Dynamics partner ecosystem. Microsoft Dynamics is a great example of an existing business application that is now offering new benefits of cloud scale and economics to customers worldwide.

To learn more, go to the Windows Azure blog.

Microsoft BizSpark startup QONQR uses Windows Azure in fierce mobile games market

Facing a competitive mobile gaming market, Microsoft BizSpark One startup QONQR needed a cost-effective and scalable solution to power its location-based, multi-player game being used across the globe. Currently topping a million requests a day, QONQR turned to Windows Azure to handle the large amounts of data and scale as needed. By using Microsoft technologies to handle the backend support, QONQR can now focus on building new features and capabilities for its growing base of customers. Read the feature story, QONQR Triumphs in Fierce Mobile Games Market, to learn more.

Capgemini announces SkySight – A next generation delivery platform for cloud services

Capgemini, a global provider of technology, consulting and outsourcing services, together with Sogeti, its professional services unit, announced SkySight, a new delivery platform for cloud services. SkySight will implement hybrid cloud environments using core Microsoft cloud technologies including Windows Server 2012, System Center 2012, and Windows Azure and will enable enterprises to integrate, configure, provision, and manage cloud-based application workloads using a Capgemini-developed service orchestration layer.

SkySight will include a portfolio of cloud-based application and infrastructure services through the SkySight Enterprise Applications Store. With SkySight, this portfolio can be rapidly deployed in hours rather than months, where and when needed, regardless of capacity model (e.g., public/hybrid/private).

Read Capgemini’s press release to learn more about this announcement.

Monitoring the metrics that matter: Introducing the New Relic Platform

As a developer, you understand just how complex your application stack can be. Depending on its environment, there can be hundreds of critical components that together make up your app, and each piece is vital to its performance and reliability. To monitor each component, you might use multiple, non-integrated tools to gain visibility into your stack. And that makes troubleshooting app performance issues a challenging endeavor.

New Relic has always strived to make the lives of its customers easier with its SaaS-based APM tool. The recently announced New Relic Platform is designed to provide a seamless way to monitor the performance of any technology.

The New Relic Platform has launched with two plugins specifically created with Microsoft users in mind. The Windows Azure SQL Database plugin allows you to monitor your Windows Azure SQL Database from within New Relic, including metrics for connections, service interruption events, request, sessions and memory usage. The Microsoft SQL Server plugin lets you monitor your SQL Server metrics for connections, memory usage, CPU usage and file I/O.

Start using the New Relic Platform today by visiting newrelic.com/platform. If you don’t already have a New Relic account, you can get a free Standard account through the Windows Azure Store.