May 30, 2013 News Thursday: Spanish Computer Emergency Response Team Joins the New Windows Azure-Based Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (C-TIP)

by STB Blogger


Delivering Threat Intelligence via the Cloud

The Spanish Computer Emergency Response Team (CERT) became one of the first organizations to join the new Windows Azure-based Cyber Threat Intelligence Program (C-TIP). The Windows Azure-based C-TIP allows Internet Service Providers and CERTs to receive updated data related to infected computers in their country or region every 30 seconds, directly uploading information to an organization’s private cloud through Windows Azure. In addition to the Spanish CERT, the Luxembourg CERTs, CIRCL and govCERT have signed up as C-TIP early adopters. Currently, Microsoft receives up to 150 million malware-related hits a day in its data sinkhole from computers infected with malware such as Conficker, Waledac, Rustock, Kelihos, Zeus, Nitol and Bamital.

Read the Microsoft on Safety and Defense Blog to learn more.

NEC to Deliver Automated and Integrated Server and Network Orchestration

Leveraging Microsoft System Center Virtual Machine Manager, combined with the award-winning NEC ProgrammableFlow® Software-Defined Networking, customers will soon be able to benefit from an integrated, central point of management for both server and network orchestration.  The solution, which will be demonstrated by NEC at TechEd on June 4, provides the ability to take action in System Center Virtual Machine Manager and the network will follow, with automated, integrated policies consistently applied across both virtual and physical networks. 

It will be available this fall and delivers:

  • Dramatically reduced operational complexity and cost
  • Greater flexibility with the ability to isolate and dynamically manage networks
  • New levels of IT control and automation

Learn more about the integrated SDN solution by reading the NEC blog post.