May 9, 2013 News Thursday: Server and Tools Customer Spotlights

by STB Blogger

Improve the Bottom Line by Switching to SQL Server

Switching to SQL Server from Oracle and SAP has given three more companies measurable benefits, including millions of dollars in ROI, cost savings, and broader employee use of BI solutions to gain business insights. For information about how The Charles Machine Works, Holland America Line and Retail Solutions Inc. are using SQL Server, visit the blog post.

Windows Azure Gives Telenor Group Immediate Time and Cost Savings

For mobile operator Telenor Group, Windows Azure dramatically reduced the time needed to set up a development and testing environment to migrate to SharePoint 2013. With nearly 150 million mobile subscriptions worldwide, Telenor Group migrated to SharePoint 2013 to modernize its intranet and sites across business units to improve collaboration and facilitate a more agile organization. They estimated that over 80 servers would be needed as part of developing, testing and running demos of SharePoint 2013. That number would have exceeded their budget. Telenor Group turned to Windows Azure, which made it possible to quickly create the development and testing environment essential to the successful deployment of SharePoint 2013. The expected 3-month window to set up the development and testing environment for a system of this size was reduced to 2 weeks, a huge savings in time and in costs. You can read more about Telenor Group’s use of Windows Azure in the Microsoft case study.