April 25th, 2013 News Thursday: Windows Azure Helps Customers Push the Boundaries of Technology

by STB Blogger


Customers Create New, Amazing Solutions with Windows Azure

Windows Azure lets customers push the boundaries of technology to create winning business solutions. Here are some examples of customers doing amazing things with Windows Azure.

Non-profits need to be able to focus on their mission, not on IT, and Windows Azure Infrastructure Services gives them that ability to home in on their core business. Blackbaud is a leading provider of software and services for nonprofits and helping more than 27,000 customers in over 60 countries achieve their missions. From schools and churches to hospitals and charities, Blackbaud provides software and expertise to help nonprofits drive change. When Blackbaud needed a better way to help nonprofits focus on their missions instead of IT, they chose Windows Azure Infrastructure Services to host a number of business operations tools. With Windows Azure, customers have a seamless way to access their data without thinking about the back end. You can watch more about how Windows Azure is helping Blackbaud drive change in the video case study about improving making the world a better place with technology.

General Motors needs to monitor the health of their customer relationships in near real time to gain deep and valuable business insights. Windows Azure Infrastructure Services and Platform Services allowed Digital Air Strike, an automotive marketing and social media firm, to create an instant feedback mechanism for all car purchases and service transactions for the automotive giant.  Digital Air Strike initially looked at Amazon Web Services and other cloud providers, but selected Windows Azure due to Microsoft’s deep enterprise experience and a comprehensive cloud platform approach. Hear more about why Digital Air Strike chose Microsoft in the video case study.