VSPEX Proven Infrastructure– Enabling IT Transformation: With Bigger, Better and Even More Microsoft Application Support

by STB Blogger

Last year, EMC introduced VSPEX Proven Infrastructure, delivering a simple, efficient and flexible reference architecture-based cloud infrastructure to customers. 

In addition to EMC’s support for Microsoft SharePoint, today, EMC has extended the simplicity, efficiency and flexibility of VSPEX to Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and Oracle, reducing the complexity that comes with planning, sizing, and deploying environments supporting these critical applications. EMC also doubled the capacity of the VSPEX private cloud solutions – from 250 virtual machines to 500 – to support larger VSPEX deployments. 

These new VSPEX configurations are designed to help customers deploying Microsoft  private clouds on Windows Server 2012 confidently achieve the agility and high quality of service required by organizations of every size from SMB to enterprise scale environments.