December 13, 2012 News Thursday: Windows Azure powers North American Aerospace Defense Command Santa tracker and more Server and Tools news…

by STB Blogger

Dashing through the cloud with Windows Azure scale

Keeping track of Santa is no easy task, but the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) team, Windows Azure, Bing Maps and all of Santa’s helpers have worked to bring you the best ever Official Santa Tracker. With more than 24 million expected hits on December 24th, NORAD needed a cloud that was scalable, flexible and open. They chose Windows Azure because of its ability to scale up, scale down and, of course, meet all of Santa’s challenging requirements.

Check out the Windows Azure blog post and Official Microsoft Blog to learn more about the NORAD Santa Tracker and download the apps!

Introducing the Developer Preview of the JSON Web Token Handler for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5

Recently, Microsoft announced the JSON Web Token (JWT) Handler for the Microsoft .NET Framework 4.5, a .NET 4.5 assembly that makes it easy for .NET developers to use the JWT capabilities of Windows Azure Active Directory. JWT is a compact token format that is especially important for REST based development. Defined by the OAuth Working Group at the IETF, JWT is also one of the basic components of OpenID Connect. With the developer preview of the JWT handler, developers now have a way to process JWTs in their applications.

For details on this announcement, be sure to read the Windows Azure blog post.