October 18, 2012 News Thursday: Windows Azure Mobile Services updates

by STB Blogger

Windows Azure Mobile Services: New support for iOS apps and renewed alliance with Twilio

This week, Microsoft announced a number of new improvements to Windows Azure Mobile Services, including how developers can now use Mobile Services to develop native iOS apps. Additional updates include: Facebook, Twitter, and Google authentication support; blob, table, queue, and Service Bus support from within your Mobile Service; sending emails from your Mobile Service (in partnership with SendGrid); and the ability to deploy mobile services in the West US region in addition to the East US region.

In concert with the Mobile Services updates, Twilio announced a renewed alliance with Microsoft, which will allow for Twilio’s voice and messaging APIs to easily be available to Windows Azure customers, including Windows Azure Mobile Services. Further information on these improvements and how you can get started, can be found on Scott Guthrie’s blog.