Windows Server 2012, cornerstone of the Cloud OS, available today!

by STB Blogger

Today, in a global online launch event, Server and Tools president Satya Nadella announced that Windows Server 2012 is now available for evaluation and purchase worldwide.  In his keynote and in a blog post, Satya describes how Windows Server 2012 was built from the cloud up and delivers significant new advancements in virtualization, storage, networking and automation. The server has been reimagined to power a new world of continuous services and connected devices.  It is a cornerstone of what we call a Cloud OS, which provides one consistent platform for infrastructure and applications across private, hosted, and public clouds. Microsoft is uniquely positioned to deliver the Cloud OS with Windows Server and Windows Azure at its core, empowering IT customers to move faster, innovate with more focus and reduce costs.

Customers are already using Windows Server 2012 to realize the promise of cloud computing. Just a few of the success stories are:

  • Menzies Aviation, an airline passenger and cargo handling company that employs more than 17,000 people, is using Windows Server 2012 to manage employees’ identities and information access policies as it rapidly incorporates newly acquired businesses. 
  • Equifax, a global information solutions provider that organizes and assimilates data on more than 500 million consumers and 81 million businesses worldwide, now counts on Windows Server 2012 and Hyper-V for better reliability and uptime of its information services to clients.
  • Marquette University, with about 12,000 students and 1,100 faculty members, is upgrading to Windows Server 2012 for its innovative use of low-cost storage and improvements in continuous availability to facilitate students using a growing number of “always on” applications, such as online classes.

The industry is ready for the new server, too.  Over 100 Windows Server 2012 logo-certified server, networking and storage systems are available for sale from vendors.  Hundreds of software vendors are readying their applications. More than 7,500 service and transactional partners are trained through the Microsoft Partner Network.

  • Hardware vendors, including Dell and AMD, announced the availability of new Windows Server 2012 logo-certified technologies.
  • Networking vendors, including Emulex, Mellanox, IntelBrocade and NEC, announced new solutions compatible with Windows Server 2012.
  • Storage vendors, including Hitachi and NetApp, have announced new products supporting Windows Server 2012.
  • Hosting service providers, including Outsourcery and Hostway, announced services built with Windows Server 2012.

More information on today’s global online launch event, including the press release, can be found on the Microsoft’s Cloud Virtual Pressroom.  You can also follow the conversation on Twitter at #WinServ.