August 30, 2012 News Thursday: Windows Azure Mobile Services and more Server and Tools news!

Windows Azure Mobile Services announced
On Tuesday, the Windows Azure team unveiled a preview of its newest feature, Windows Azure Mobile Services. The service allows developers to connect a scalable cloud backend to client and mobile applications that can be added to any Windows 8 app within minutes. Similar support for Windows Phone, iOS, and Android devices will be added soon.
For more information on Windows Azure Mobile Services, read Scott Guthrie’s blog post now. 
Windows Azure powers social recruiting tool
Careerify, a Microsoft BizSpark startup, is a pioneer in social recruiting that helps small and medium businesses attract, hire and retain talent. The Careerify Software-as-a-Service employee referral offering, built on Windows Azure, combines social and mobile technologies to help companies build a recruitment culture.
To learn more about how Careerify uses Windows Azure, check out the story on the Microsoft News Center.