Windows Azure Storage – 4 trillion objects and counting

by STB Blogger

In the past year, Windows Azure Storage has seen significant growth. Azure now has over 4 trillion objects stored, processes an average of 270,000 requests per second and reaches peaks of 880,000 requests per second. This marks a 4x increase in the number of objects stored and a 2.7x increase in average requests per second over the past 12 months.
Fueling this growth further, Microsoft has lowered the cost of requests to storage, making object puts and gets to Windows Azure Storage 10x-100x cheaper than other cloud providers. Additionally, Microsoft now offers a new type of storage, Locally Redundant Storage (LRS). LRS is offered at a discounted price and maintains 3 equivalent copies of customers’ data within a given location.
Visit the Windows Azure blog for the latest Windows Azure Storage growth data as well as more information on the advancements Microsoft is making to Windows Azure Storage.