May 24, 2011 News Thursday: SUSE Manager Management Pack for System Center, Sage Launches on Windows Azure, and more Server and Tools News…

by STB Blogger

SUSE Announces SUSE Manager Management Pack for System Center

At the Open Source Business Conference this week, during a keynote from Microsoft Open Solutions Group, Sandy Gupta, Microsoft, introduced the SUSE announcement of the delivery of a beta version of the SUSE Manager Management Pack for System Center.  This management pack connects the Linux server management capabilities provided by SUSE Manager to Microsoft’s System Center management platform. This will add to the ability of administrators to manage both Windows and Linux environments from a single management console.  When Microsoft and SUSE renewed their alliance in July, they identified private cloud interoperability as a key area of focus and this management pack is an example of their continued collaboration.

Microsoft and Key Partners Co-Submit OData to OASIS for Standardization

In its latest move to help support its data platform vision for the new world of data, Microsoft has joined Citrix, IBM, Progress Software, SAP and WSO2 in jointly submitting a proposal to standardize the Open Data Protocol (OData, a REST-based open data access protocol) to OASIS, an international open standards consortium. While Microsoft has supported OData through SQL Server 2012, SharePoint, Excel, and Windows Azure Marketplace, this formal standardization of OData will enable an even broader set of developers to drive broader adoption and influence the standard’s development.

For more information on OData and the part it plays in Microsoft’s data platform vision, check out the blog post on the Data Platform Insider blog.

Sage Releases Construction-Specific Cloud Service Built on Windows Azure

Sage North America has released Sage Construction Anywhere, a cloud-based platform that increases accessibility to project reports, fosters collaboration, and increases operational efficiency. It is designed to help construction and real estate companies get critical project information into the hands of those who need it most—anytime, anywhere.
Read the full press release to learn more about how Sage is leveraging the cloud.

 Microsoft’s Customer Experience Improvement Program makes Windows Server 2012 a better product for IT Professionals

The Windows Server team recently posted a blog describing how direct customer feedback gathered through the Customer Experience Improvement Program (CEIP) helps drive improvements in Windows Server 2012, such as:

  • Increased server reliability: Working to create a more reliable platform.
  • Improved programmability for server administration scripts: Making it easier for customers to write scripts and adjust to platform changes.
  • Diversified Windows Certified hardware: Further expanding Microsoft’s support of high quality devices in market.  
  • Overall product experience: Refining a broad range of feature configurations to improve ease of customer usage.

The CEIP allows Microsoft to gather customer feedback on products such as Windows Server 2012 that are in development stages.  Visit the Windows Server blog to read this post and others for insights and guidance on Windows Server 2012 directly from the engineers who built the product.