January 26, 2010 News Thursday: Drupal 7 Launches, News Technical Computing Labs for Developers, and other Server and Tools news.

Drupal 7 launches with support for SQL Server and Windows Azure and availability within WebMatrix

This week Microsoft welcomed the launch of Drupal 7, which was released earlier this month and marks an important milestone with great improvements resulting from efforts by the Microsoft and Drupal community to bring greater interoperability and choice to customers. Drupal 7 leverages a new data access layer called PDO (PHP Data Objects) and supports Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Azure. Drupal 7 is available from the Web Application Gallery within Microsoft WebMatrix, as well as on the Microsoft Web Platform Installer. Additionally, Microsoft announced four new generic modules within Drupal 7, including Bing Maps module, Silverlight Pivot viewer module, Windows Live ID module and OData module.

For more information, please check out Microsoft blogs that highlight support for Microsoft SQL Server and Windows Azure. In addition, Drupal 7 is available from the Web Application Gallery within WebMatrix and Web Platform Installer.


New Technical Computing Labs for Developers

As part of its Technical Computing (TC) initiative, today Microsoft launched TC Labs for developers on MSDN Dev Labs. TC Labs provides developers with the opportunity to learn about TC technologies, get early versions of code and to provide feedback to Microsoft.  Today senior vice president S. Somasegar blogged about some of the pre-release technologies now available on TC Labs.

Microsoft’s Technical Computing initiative is aimed at making technical computing, or supercomputing, accessible to a broader set of customers, in order to help scientists, engineers and businesspeople solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. A key part of this effort is to help more developers build applications that take advantage of parallel computing systems on PCs, servers and the cloud.   For more information on the TC initiative, visit Microsoft’s Modeling the World site.

Customer Spotlight:  Guppers scales rapidly and cost-effectively with the Windows Azure Platform

Guppers is a small company that delivers access to business data from any mobile phone. The company’s service is delivered through cloud computing-the hosting of applications online through data centers. Previously, Guppers relied on a third-party data center for its website and application hosting, and Amazon Simple Storage Service for its cloud storage. However, as the company grew and acquired more multinational customers, it struggled to scale up its infrastructure quickly enough to handle spikes in demand. It also was faced with latency and application performance issues. To address these problems, Guppers implemented the Windows Azure platform for its hosting and storage solutions. As a result, the company can quickly scale up while avoiding certain capital and operational expenses. It also has simplified development and reduced latency to deliver better services to customers.

For more information about how Guppers is taking advantage of the Windows Azure Platform, view their case study here.

BizIntelligence.TV l Customer Analytics: Banking on Your Bank to Change – Jan 13

Traditional banking is dead. Bank 2.0 Author Brett King examines the level of disruption banks are facing to compete in a customer centric environment.  For more information, you can watch the video, join the  LinkedIn Group or take “The Future of Analytics” Answer Poll.

BizIntelligence.TV l The Holy Grail of Performance Management & Business Intelligence in 2011 – Jan 20

The 2010 BPM Pulse TM Survey results showed that 84% of organizations site management reporting as a major challenge. John Colbert, VP at BPM Partners relays the data pertaining to the 2010 survey and expresses the key trends organizations should be focusing on in 2011 to improve performance through a combination of Financial, Strategic and Operational initiatives aka The Holy Grail.   For more information: