MIX10: jQuery Templates, Data Link, and Globalization Accepted as Official jQuery Plugins

At the MIX10 Conference in Las Vegas, Scott Guthrie and jQuery developer John Resig announced that Microsoft would be working with the jQuery team to contribute features such as client templating and data linking to the jQuery project. Less than six months later, we are officially announcing that the jQuery project has accepted the first of these contributions as official jQuery plugins.

In a blog post from Scott Guthrie, he announces with the jQuery team that the open-source jQuery project has accepted three plugins developed by Microsoft – the jQuery Templates plugin, the jQuery Data Link plugin, and the jQuery Globalization plugin – as official jQuery plugins. All three of these plugins were developed by Microsoft in conjunction with the jQuery team and the jQuery community.

Learn more about this collaboration on Scott’s blog at http://weblogs.asp.net/scottgu/archive/2010/10/04/jquery-templates-data-link-and-globalization-accepted-as-official-jquery-plugins.aspx.