Geeknet at OSBC 2010

Prior to the Open Source Business Conference in San Francisco later this month, the Geeknet network has provided statistics around how Windows plays in the broader Open Source ecosystem.

The amount of Open Source Software (OSS) that is Windows compatible has been steadily climbing over time, from 72 percent in early 2005 to some 82 percent in late 2009. This means that some 350,000 Open Source projects are now Windows compatible, out of a total of about 433,000 Open Source projects.

This growth mirrors Microsoft’s increased engagement with Open Source Software, with increased participation in open source projects, supporting open source applications on its platforms and even using open source code in some of its products.

The Geeknet team will be available to discuss this, and other data in greater depth at their Birds of a Feather lunch discussion at OSBC on Wednesday March 17, between 12:30p and 2:00p.

 For more information, visit Geeknet at OSBC 2010, by Scott Collison.