Project “Gemini” Name Revealed

At the Microsoft SharePoint Conference in Las Vegas today, Microsoft announced the official name of Project “Gemini,” now Microsoft SQL Server PowerPivot for Excel.  PowerPivot for Excel helps drive timely and informed business decisions by empowering end users to access, integrate and analyze massive amounts of data on the desktop and share information using the familiar Microsoft Excel tools.


In addition, PowerPivot provides IT departments the ability to monitor and manage user generated solutions by integrating seamlessly with Microsoft SharePoint Server 2010 and Microsoft SQL Server 2008 R2.  With PowerPivot for Excel, users and IT departments can: 

·         Integrate massive amounts of data on the desktop from virtually any source

·         Perform lightning-fast calculations and analysis on large data volumes

·         Share and collaborate on user generated analysis through integration with SharePoint

·         Monitor and manage user generated applications


With powerful analysis capabilities delivered through agile and familiar tools like Excel and SharePoint, organizations can expect faster end-user adoption, lower training time and reduced costs.  For more information on PowerPivot for Excel, visit