WebSphere and Windows together….who knew?

Today Microsoft announced the results of a recent study comparing cost performance on Windows vs. IBM’s Power6, both with WebSphere and the .NET Framework.  The study, conducted using publicly available testing applications based upon industry best practices, showed that customers can achieve significant system cost savings as well as improvements to load handling capability by utilizing the .NET Framework and Windows Server 2008. 


These results demonstrate that the Microsoft platform offers customers considerable value in performance, scalability and cost efficiency; more than ever in the new economy, organizations are looking for cost effective, high performance solutions.  


To read more, please visit Steven Martin’s blog.  For detailed information about the study, and to test out the .NET StockTrader for yourself, go to www.websphereloveswindows.com. 


Key Study Findings

·         Customers can save up to  81% in total system costs  by running applications on  Microsoft .NET and Windows Server 2008 rather than IBM WebSphere 7 on Power6/AIX.


·         Customers who run their IBM WebSphere 7 applications on Windows Server 2008 and Intel® Xeon® 5400 processor-based HP BladeSystem servers can save up to 66% in total system costs when compared to running the same applications on IBM WebSphere 7 on an IBM Power6/AIX platform.


·         In examining performance, the Microsoft .NET Framework on Windows Server 2008 handles 57% more load than WebSphere 7 running on IBM Power6/AIX, and IBM WebSphere 7 on Windows Server 2008 handles 37% more load than IBM WebSphere 7 running on Power6.