MMS Day 2: Microsoft Showcases the Today and Tomorrow of Datacenter, Client and Cloud Management

This week at the 10th annual Microsoft Management Summit 2009, Microsoft Corp. showcased solutions for managing the complexity of today’s diverse IT environments, which include highly virtualized systems, a mix of software and online services, cloud-based computing, and an explosion of mobile devices. As part of the conference keynote addresses, Microsoft executives announced and demonstrated currently shipping solutions, and future capabilities, that help dramatically reduce IT costs by making IT infrastructures more manageable, and help increase the productivity of IT staff.


“In today’s environment, IT is faced with a growing set of end-user demands and business-critical expectations around service availability,” said Brad Anderson, general manager of the Management and Services Division at Microsoft. “Customers want familiar tools that provide a complete view of service levels, applications, infrastructure and clients. Microsoft empowers customers and partners today with an integrated suite of products and technologies, and we’re investing today for future innovations so customers can accomplish great things.”


In yesterday’s keynote address Bob Kelly, corporate vice president of Infrastructure Server Marketing at Microsoft, announced expanded cloud computing initiatives, and invited customers and partners to create, deploy and manage the foundation for highly scalable, cloud-based solutions using Microsoft’s familiar tools, products and online services. Microsoft discussed the opportunities that private and public cloud computing environments provide organizations to streamline costs in the datacenter and accelerate business solutions. Those who want more information can read the article about Kelly and watch his keynote address.


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