Microsoft comments on VMware vSphere announcement

Today, David Greschler, director of Microsoft virtualization and management, commented on the announcement by VMware of their new “Cloud OS,” called vSphere.  Greschler outlined Microsoft’s streamlined approach to virtualization – in which virtualization is included as a component of the operating system, as opposed to an additional layer – and how it enables a dynamic datacenter. Greschler said, “you don’t need an extra ‘cloud operating system’ to build a cloud running Windows Server. Just use Windows Server.”  To see how Microsoft customer Kroll Factual Data built their own private cloud, and what customer Lionbridge Technologies did with their Virtual Cloud Lab, please visit the virtualization customer case studies site. And Greschler reminded customers to compare costs, stating, “VMware vSphere’s extra layer is approximately three to five times the cost of Microsoft’s solution, while just yesterday Zane Adam announced in this blog that Microsoft Hyper-V Server R2, which includes live migration and high availability, will be free of charge.”


To read the full post from David Greschler, please click here.