Microsoft Virtualization Software Helps Kroll Factual Data Reduce IT Costs and Energy Consumption, and Stay Agile

Kroll Factual Data was able to create a private cloud computing environment to meet stringent customer requirements while it helped reduce costs and energy consumption for its datacenter, Microsoft Corp. announced. Kroll Factual Data was able to create this dynamic datacenter through a combination of virtualization, services-based management tools, and scalable applications and application development tools from Microsoft.


Kroll Factual Data is an information services company, a leading provider of business information to mortgage lenders, consumer lenders, property management firms and other businesses to help them make informed decisions. Kroll Factual Data has experienced tremendous growth during the past five years, primarily through the acquisition of 58 companies. Most recently, in response to changing capital markets, Kroll Factual Data has expanded its products to include a broader array of information on loan applicants so that they can help financial institutions fund accurate, high-quality loans, and ultimately reduce losses due to fraud.


“Our customers’ needs change on a fairly rapid basis. In the mortgage industry, a small change in the interest rates can cause a wild fluctuation in transaction volume. With the sea-changes going on in the financial industry, and policies changing almost daily, we need to be able to react immediately,” said Russ Donnan, chief information officer, Kroll Factual Data. “At Kroll Factual Data, technology is the business. We’re now able to develop, test and deploy new products within three days, and our datacenter has the ability to deploy additional computing resources in less than 15 minutes.”


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