.NET Services M5 Release

Microsoft released the 5th coding milestone of .NET Services, a component of the Azure Services Platform. This release further enhances support for web standards and interoperability, making it simpler for developers to connect cloud applications and services across platforms. Specifically, .NET Services M5 includes improved support for web standards such as REST, ATOM, SOAP, and HTTP (full feature list below).

For more information on this announcement, please visit Steven Martin’s blog. .NET Services M5 is available via http://www.microsoft.com/azure/sdk.mspx.

Specific M5 enhancements:

.NET Services M5 introduces enhanced interoperability through expanded support for web standards, to connect applications and federate access control:

·         Access Control Service

§  What it is: a service for controlling user access to web applications and services by easily federating with multiple standards-based identity providers.

§  What’s new: All new management service, which now supports REST and ATOM for managing rules.

·         Service Bus

§  What it is: a service for securely exposing, connecting, and messaging between endpoints across networks and firewalls.

§  What’s new: Durable queues and routers, which support both SOAP and HTTP.

·         Workflow

§  What it is: a service for orchestrating and routing Service Bus messages

§  What’s new: REST-based activities (PUT, GET, POST, DELETE, and custom verbs) for orchestrating messages.