MIX 09: New IIS Extension Releases

Today at the Microsoft event MIX09, we are announcing the availability of a number of new IIS Extension releases in addition to the Microsoft Web Platform Installer 2.0 Beta and the Windows Web Application Gallery. IIS Extensions add value to the Microsoft Web Platform by enabling Web developers, server administrators, and hosting providers to more easily develop, deploy, publish, and manage Web applications and Web servers.


·         Final RTW Versions of FTP Service 7.5, WebDAV 7.5, IIS Administration Pack, Windows PowerShell Snap-In for IIS, and IIS Application Request Routing V1: To ensure Web developers and site managers have secure, standards-oriented publishing technologies available, we are releasing FTP Service 7.5 and WebDAV 7.5. These extensions build on the enhancements delivered by the FTP 7.0 and WebDAV 7.0 releases that followed the launch of Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7.0, supporting more clients and simplifying site administration. The IIS 7.0 Administration Pack enhances the set of management features in IIS by providing management user interface extensions for ASP.NET authorization, custom errors, FastCGI configuration, Request Filtering, and a generic configuration editor. The Windows PowerShell Snap-In for IIS allows Web server administrators and hosting providers to easily automate routine and complex IIS 7.0 administration tasks such as creating Web sites and managing configuration and run-time data. Application Request Routing enables Web server administrators and hosting providers to increase Web application scalability and reliability through rule-based routing and load balancing of HTTP server requests.


·         Release Candidate Versions of IIS Web Deployment Tool and IIS Database Manager: For server administrators and Web developers, it is important to be able to deploy, package, and migrate Web applications, and also to quickly view and manage Web application databases. These two release candidates have received very positive feedback from customers and have had numerous user interface improvements to bring them to production quality as we make final tweaks before RTW.


·         Beta Versions of IIS Application Request Routing V2, IIS Smooth Streaming, and IIS Dynamic IP Restrictions: Following the RTW of Application Request Routing V1, we are pleased to make available a preview of Version 2. V2 will include new disk-caching functionality for edge servers to further enhance server farm scalability and availability. IIS Smooth Streaming allows IT Professionals to deliver video that adapts continuously to provide the highest-quality playback based on the available bandwidth and local PC conditions. The Dynamic IP Restriction Extension for IIS provides IT Professionals and hosting providers a configurable module that helps mitigate or block denial-of-service attacks or cracking of passwords through brute force by temporarily blocking IP addresses of HTTP clients who follow a pattern that could be conducive to one of such attacks.


Get the latest versions of all IIS Extensions through the Microsoft Web Platform Installer, or learn more about IIS Extensions at www.iis.net/extensions.