SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse makes data warehousing deployments faster, easier, and more affordable.

Microsoft today announced the availability of SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse.  Partners and customers using SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse benefit from the power of SQL Server 2008 combined with a variety of hardware configurations from partners Bull, Dell, and HP, making it fast, easy, and affordable to create an enterprise-class data warehouse.


Additionally, Microsoft’s systems integration partners are offering industry-specific solution templates for data warehousing projects as part of the SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse solution.  SIs find that Microsoft’s Business Intelligence technologies are extremely attractive to their customers due to their market leading capabilities, overall value and price/performance. With increasing adoption of SQL Server 2008 in companies across all industries, SIs are offering their customers guidance on the best ways to maximize their SQL Server 2008 investment by extending its scalability and accelerating data warehousing initiatives.


Organizations that depend on information generated for use in business intelligence applications are faced with the prospect of scaling their data warehouses into the hundreds of terabytes or more. Though this has traditionally been very expensive, Microsoft’s vision is to make massive scalability accessible and affordable to organizations of any size. SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse helps SQL Server 2008 customers rapidly develop and deploy data warehouses that scale up to 32 terabytes, making this the ideal solution for enterprises looking for increased flexibility and performance, much higher scalability, and technical guidance applied through best practices for data warehousing. 


For more information about SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse see http://www.microsoft.com/fasttrack, and for more information about SQL Server 2008 see http://www.microsoft.com/sqlserver/2008/en/us/default.aspx.