Microsoft Announces Premier Mission-Critical Support

Today, Microsoft Services announced the global availability of Premier Mission Critical, a new add-on for Premier Support customers that delivers the highest level of responsiveness, service availability and support for Windows Server and SQL Server components of mission-critical solutions.  


Through Premier Mission Critical, Microsoft partners with customers to expedite relief, recover application availability and provide reassurance backed by a designated support team familiar with each customer’s environment and with response time guarantees backed by financial credits.  Key features include:

·         Guaranteed response times within 30 minutes for high-severity system-down situations with SLAs backed by financial credits;

·         Round-the-clock support through a dedicated phone line to a select team of experienced Microsoft support engineers familiar with the solution configuration and deployment environment; 

·         Prioritized access to product development teams to include end-to-end incident management and ensure the fastest possible root cause identification.  Support works with product teams to provide critical, on-demand patch production in severe situations.


Please view the press release for additional information.