Microsoft Participation at ApacheCon 2008

Last week, Sam Ramji, Senior Director of Platform Strategy at Microsoft, presented a keynote at ApacheCon 2008. In his presentation, he updated Apache community members on several milestones recently reached by Microsoft as part of the Company’s efforts to architect for participation in the open source community.


Ramji further outlined the benefits that the newly announced “M” programming language will deliver to open source developers. Microsoft unveiled M Language recently at PDC 2008, highlighting the “Oslo” set of modeling technologies, and the commitment Microsoft has made to include the “M” programming language under the Open Specification Promise. In his speech, Sam said that he expects “M to do for languages what open source has done for development”, and encouraged the Apache community to learn more about it.


Another highlight was related to Microsoft’s recent decision to join the AMQP Working Group at the request of its members. Ramji outlined Microsoft’s intent to also participate in the Apache Qpid project, a widely adopted open source implementation of the AMQP specification that addresses the customer need for choice and improved messaging interoperability.


He also told the audience that the Microsoft Network Monitor – a free protocol analyzer and network sniffer – will transition to an open source model, on CodePlex. It will host the development of parsers for public protocols and for protocols described in the Open Protocol Specifications for Windows.


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