New Social Bookmarking Features For MSDN and TechNet

Today Microsoft announced a preview of new social bookmarking capabilities for MSDN, TechNet and Expression as part of an expanded effort to open these sites up to the technical community.  Social Bookmarks allow members of the community to bookmark any URL on the web, apply tags, and save bookmarks in the new My Bookmarks tool.  All bookmarks, bookmarkers, and tags are enabled as links and can be “surfed” to discover new content and people. Social bookmarks are also integrated into the new Profile page and give every member of the community a new way to increase their visibility, impact, and influence.


New features include:

·        Social Bookmarks Preview: With Social Bookmarks, users can save all their favorites online, see what others are bookmarking, find experts, and even get their bookmarks published on the website.





·         All-new Forums: The new Forums site is easier to use, has a new UX, and new features like Live Update.





·        New Profile Page: A person’s profile is a key part of the new site experience and now features a large avatar image and feeds of contributions from key applications like Forums and Social Bookmarks.


·        New Site Design: The MSDN and TechNet home pages and home pages for top Developer and TechCenters have been updated with a new design that increases the visibility of people and content from the community and other important resources.


·        Improved Search: Improved auto-complete provides more search matches faster. Thirty-one languages are now supported.





For more information on these announcements, please visit these blogs:  Dan Truax, GM for the global MSDN, TechNet, CodePlex, and Expression sites  John Martin, Lead Evangelist for Server & Tools Online at Microsoft