Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V RC1 Available for Download

If Windows Server 2008 is the brisket, as previously described by group product manager Alex Hinrichs, Hyper-V is the special sauce.  And today, the brisket gets even tastier with Hyper-V release candidate 1 (RC 1), which is available for download. 


Windows Server 2008 Hyper-V contains everything needed to support customers’ server consolidation, business continuity and virtualized desktop infrastructure projects, and easily plugs into customers’ existing IT infrastructure.   From reducing operating costs, increasing hardware utilization, optimizing infrastructure and improving server availability, Hyper-V enables customers to gain more control of their IT environment.


For new Windows Server customers, Hyper-V RC 1 can be downloaded today from Customers who have deployed the existing beta or earlier RC of Hyper-V (as a part of the x64 versions Windows Server 2008) can receive RC1 from the latest Windows Update as an optional update beginning May 27th


Hyper-V RC1 is an optional upgrade for customers and partners, providing the latest code for those who want to continue testing the technology within their infrastructure environment.  The current beta of System Center Virtual Machine Manager 2008 (SCVMM) is not compatible with Hyper-V RC1. Customers who are simultaneously testing the recently-released SCVMM 2008 Beta should continue evaluating it with Hyper-V RC0. 


For customers who need to evaluate support for Windows Server 2000 as a guest operating system, we recommend upgrading to RC1, but not manage those systems with SCVMM 2008 Beta. Because Hyper-V and SCVMM 2008 are on separate development schedules, an update for SCVMM 2008 Beta to enable support for Hyper-V RC1 will be made available at a later date. 


While Hyper-V RC1 is feature complete, RC1 includes the following added support and functionality:


Additional Guest OS support:  Hyper-V RC1 adds guest operating system support for Windows 2000 Server SP4 (1-way, emulated only) and Windows 2000 Advanced Server with Service Pack 4 (1-way, emulated only). 


Simplified install for Windows Server 2008 ICs: With RC1, Hyper-V provides a simplified and consistent process to install the integration components for Windows Server 2008 guests.


Mouse integration support for Linux Integration components: Integration components for supported Novell SUSE 10 Linux operating systems will also include mouse integration support, released simultaneously with Hyper-V RC1.  The integration components can be downloaded from


In addition to the several RDP and TAP customers who have deployed Hyper-V into full production, both MSDN and TechNet have been successfully running on Hyper-V for several weeks.  For more information on Microsoft’s deployment and results with Hyper-V, check out Rob Emanuel’s guest blog on the Windows Virtualization Team blog.