Microsoft Unlocks the Power of the Web for Connected Customer Experiences

Today at MIX08, Microsoft’s Web designer and developer conference, Microsoft demonstrated the power of its platform to enable delivery of richer, more interactive customer experiences on the Web. Backed by major customers and partners including AOL LLC, Aston Martin, Cirque De Soleil, DoubleClick Inc., Hard Rock, Move Networks Inc. and on MSN, Microsoft unveiled the next generation of its Web technologies with beta releases of Internet Explorer 8, Silverlight 2 and Expression Studio 2. Ray Ozzie, chief software architect, Scott Guthrie, corporate vice president of the .NET Developer Division, and Dean Hachamovitch, general manager of the Internet Explorer team, shared the news during Wednesday’s keynote address.


Specifically Microsoft announced the following:

·      Internet Explorer 8 beta 1: Microsoft unveiled for the first time Internet Explorer 8, showcasing Internet Explorer’s commitment to developers. Internet Explorer 8 offers an unprecedented level of interoperability and tools enabling developers to be more productive while delivering innovative experiences for end users on the Web. Internet Explorer 8 beta 1 for developers, released today, provides the most extensive support for Internet standards of any Microsoft browser and reduces the amount of time required to bring new experiences online. 

·      Silverlight 2 Beta: Silverlight 2 supports managed code, includes the core of the CLR and adds over two dozen user interface controls (such as button, check box, date controls, gridview and layout) that are designed to be used right out of the box, or to be tweaked with styles. If you need full control over the look and feel, the appearance of any control can be fully determined by templates and control behavior can be modified by hooking events, or ultimately by creating custom controls.

·      Expression Studio 2 Beta: Expression Studio 2 works seamlessly with Visual Studio to enable better designer and developer collaboration. New features include PHP support in Expression Web, and support for Silverlight in Expression Web, Expression Blend, Expression Media Encoder and Expression Design.

·      SQL Server Data Services (SSDS): Microsoft announced a preview of SSDS, a building block service designed for developers and businesses that need scalable, easily programmable and cost-effective data storage with robust database query capabilities. MIX08 attendees will be able to register for an invitation-only beta of Microsoft SSDS. 


These latest updates are available for immediate download:

·      Silverlight 2 Beta:

·      Internet Explorer 8 Beta:

·      Expression Studio 2 Beta: 


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