Technology Leaders Join OpenID Foundation to Promote Open Identity Management on the Web

Today Microsoft, Google, IBM, VeriSign and Yahoo announced that they have joined as the first corporate board members of the OpenID Foundation, formed to help enable and strengthen industry-wide efforts to develop a single sign-on technology across the Internet.


At RSA in February 2007, Bill Gates and Craig Mundie reinforced Microsoft’s commitment to industry collaboration on digital identity issues. Microsoft’s work with the OpenID community and helping establish the foundation is part of this larger effort.


OpenID, developed by an open community, is free “user-centric” digital identity technology that enables users to have one sign-on that can be used across all Web sites that support OpenIDs. Technology like OpenID becomes attractive as it enables individuals to take more control and ownership of their digital identities. It intends to reduce the amount of personal data needed to be shared among several web sites, aiding efforts to interact safely, in addition to more easily, online.

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