TechNet, MSDN Revamped to Provide Stronger Community Connections

Today Microsoft unveiled a series of improvements to the TechNet and MSDN online experiences, which provide comprehensive tools to help IT professionals and developers evaluate, plan, deploy and maintain complex systems and develop advanced software solutions. The enhancements include the following:

New online Developer TechCenters increase visibility of key members of the technical community. For example, MSDN Library Community Content enables experts within the MSDN community to extend and enhance Microsoft product documentation with code samples, links to related resources and more.

A new TechNet EDGE online community created for IT professionals features video interviews with Microsoft insiders and community experts.

Updated TechNet and MSDN forums feature a new user recognition system that rewards forum users with points for participation and contribution.

Enhanced TechNet and MSDN online Evaluation Centers provide access to trial and beta software as well as virtual labs and virtual hard disks.

TechNet and MSDN Spotlight is a new video portal featuring the best-rated sessions from Microsoft’s top technical conferences worldwide.

More information about TechNet and MSDN enhancements can be found at and  More from Steve Guggenheimer and the Application Platform team on the Crossbar blog: