ISA Appliance : Corrent Launches UTM Appliance with Intelligent I/O and Hardware-Enforced DDoS Protection

Une nouvelle appliance ISA chez Corrent avec intégration de Sybari Antigen, Asic, protection anti DDoS...

ISA Appliance : Corrent Launches UTM Appliance with Intelligent I/O and Hardware-Enforced DDoS Protection

"Tempe, Ariz., January 23, 2006 – Corrent Corporation, a leading developer of hardware-accelerated security appliances and an OEM appliance partner for Microsoft security solutions, today announced the release of the Corrent® SR325 security appliance, the first unified threat management (UTM) appliance with intelligent I/O, inline VPN acceleration, and hardware-enforced DDoS protection that is based on Microsoft Internet Security & Acceleration (ISA) Server 2004 and Sybari Antigen software. The SR325 is an “all-in-one” security appliance that offers comprehensive protection for enterprise networks with security features, integration, and a level of performance that far exceed server-based solutions..."

... Corrent Intelligent I/O Technology
At the heart of the SR325 is an intelligent I/O subsystem consisting of three dual-port intelligent Gigabit Ethernet cards, each with its own RISC-based Corrent CR777 security processor and separate memory subsystem. These intelligent I/O interfaces are capable of VPN acceleration, offloading packet processing and using their integrated signature-matching engines to enhance content inspection, such as virus detection. Because the I/O subsystem is programmable, functions can be upgraded to keep pace with improvements to Microsoft Windows Server and security software.

Capable of over 700 Mbps in VPN throughput and over 1.5 Gbps in firewall throughput, the SR325 offers one of the highest levels of performance available in a Windows-based platform. Since even a small amount of VPN traffic can have a negative effect on firewall performance, offloading VPN processing to dedicated processors ensures that other network traffic can be processed at peak rates.

Defending against DDoS Attacks
The intelligent I/O subsystem is also key to the SR325’s ability to provide superior protection against Distributed Denial-of-Service attacks. While all firewalls offer some protection against DDoS attacks, Corrent appliances are unique in their ability to detect and mitigate attacks in hardware at the network interfaces."

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