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Hier ist eine Liste von Links zu verschieden Themen des SQL Servers, die sicherlich sehr hilfreich sein können bei der Planung und Optimierung eine SQL Server Installation:

Microsoft I/O Best Practices and Tuning

·        Storage Top 10 Best Practices

·        SQL IO download page

·        SQLIOSim tool KB article

·        SQL Server Storage Engine Team Blog

·        SQL Server I/O Basics

·        Predeployment I/O Best Practices

·        Disk Subsystem Performance Analysis for Windows

·        Disk Partition Alignment Best Practices for SQL Server


Analysis Services Best Practices and Tuning

·        Analysis Services Query Performance Top 10 Best Practices

·        Analysis Services 2008 Performance Guide

·        Analysis Services 2005 Performance Guide

·        MDX Query Troubleshooting

·        OLAP Design Best Practices for Analysis Services 2005

·        Analysis Services 2005 Aggregation Design Strategy

·        Analysis Services Processing Best Practises

·        Analysis Services Distinct Count Optimization

·        Analysis Services 2005 Processing Architecture

·        Scale out Querying with Analysis Services Using SAN Snapshots

·        Analysis Services Many-to-Many Dimensions: Query Performance Optimization Techniques

·        Precision Considerations for Analysis Services Users

·        Resolving Common Connectivity Issues in SQL Server 2005 Analysis Services Connectivity Scenarios


Relational Warehouses Best Practices and Tuning

·        Top 10 Best Practises for Building a Large Scale Relational Data Warehouse

·        Top 10 SQL Server 2005 Performance Issues for Data Warehouse and Reporting Applications

·        Implementing a SQL Server Fast Track Data Warehouse

·        High Performance Data Warehouse with SQL Server 2005

·        Improving Performance with SQL Server 2005 Indexed Views

·        How many files should a database have? – OLAP Workloads

·        SQL Server 2005 Waits and Queues

·        Troubleshooting Performance Problems in SQL Server 2008


Integration Services Best Practices and Tuning

·        Top 10 SQL Server Integration Services Best Practices

·        Managing and Deploying SQL Server Integration Services

·        SQL Server 2005 Integration Services: A Strategy for Performance

·        Integration Services: Performance Tuning Techniques

·        The Data Loading Performance Guide

·        High Impact Data Warehousing with SQL Server Integration Services (PDF)

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