Getting Started with SQL Azure

I’ve been using SQL Azure for several months now both for messing around (kicking the tires if you will) and for hosting a real database. I have a database with research data running in SQL Azure and I use Excel to connect to the database. I even share this out with others on my team….


Great Example of a Simple Cost-Benefit Analysis

I saw a post the other day that you should definitely go check out. It’s a cost/benefit decision, and although the author gives it a quick treatment and doesn’t take all points in the decision into account, you should focus on the process he follows. It’s a quick and simple example of the kind of…


Microsoft is in the Cloud – What does that mean for the Data Professional?

There has been a lot of buzz lately about “the cloud” and what it means for IT, and the organizations they serve. I just finished watching Steve Ballmer deliver Microsoft’s vision for the cloud, wondering if it would be different than the offerings of other firms. It feels like it is different. So what is…


Three suggestions for SQL Server DBAs in 2010

One of these days I really should blog about “dumb questions I have been asked at customer briefings.” There’s a danger in that, of course: namely, that a customer could equitably blog about “dumb answers I received from Donald Farmer.” Nevertheless, the other day, a CIO asked me an excellent question. “Aside from core skills,…