A Cloudy Day In My Life

Since my team started work on Project Houston hardly a day goes by I’m not in some discussion about the Cloud. It also hits me when I go through my RSS feeds each day: cloud this and cloud that. There is obviously a significant new trend here, it may even qualify as a wave; as…


SQL Azure Marches On

I follow the Database Trends and Applications magazine because it is pretty platform independent, with a section for Oracle, SQL Server and DB/2. I found it interesting that when I turned there yesterday and today, among the top stories are “Cloud” – front and center. It’s easy to see why. When we think about technology…


Migrating to SQL Azure

As Mary Jo Foley recently reported migrating to SQL Azure just got a little easier with the latest version of the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), released on August 12. Included in the update are the typical cast of source databases: Oracle, Sybase, and Access. But there are two new things. First, MySQL was added…


SQL Server 2008 R2 Overview and Whitepaper

I know, SQL Server 2008 R2 was released some time back, but with so much content out there I thought I might simplify it a bit. I’ve written a complete overview that you can read through in about 10 minutes, and there’s a great new whitepaper on one of the main features, PowerPivot. Thought I’d…


Introducing Project Houston

At this point there should be no question that Microsoft is fully embracing the cloud. Windows Azure and SQL Azure launched earlier this year and have been receiving positive feedback. I’ve been happily using SQL Azure for several months. One of the great aspects of SQL Azure is the integration with the standard tooling, e.g….


Giving Back

Most of us have some help we can provide back to the community. Even if you’re new, you can write down some of the things you’ve learned. And there are several easy ways to to that – you can certainly jump in on the forums (http://social.msdn.microsoft.com/Forums/en-US/category/sqlserver/) and answer any questions you know the answer for…


The SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer and Policy Based Management

The SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer (BPA) came out for SQL Server 2008 R2 recently, and I’ve been asked what the difference is between the BPA and Policy Based Management (PBM) that was introduced in SQL Server 2008. While it’s true both of these tools can do similar things, each has strengths and weaknesses. The…


The "Dallas" information marketplace

Today I’m here in Washington DC, demo-ing in Bob Muglia’s keynote at our Worldwide Partner Conference. This time, I’m showing something quite new – not just a new product, but a new concept in data – Microsoft’s premium information marketplace codenamed “Dallas.” “Dallas” may be better known as a village of 200 or so people…


Getting Started with SQL Azure

I’ve been using SQL Azure for several months now both for messing around (kicking the tires if you will) and for hosting a real database. I have a database with research data running in SQL Azure and I use Excel to connect to the database. I even share this out with others on my team….


SQL Server Resources: The Developer’s Training Kit (Not just for Developers!)

One of the great things about using SQL Server is the amount of resources you can find for it. One of those resources is the Developer’s Training Kit – and there’s a new version of it that you can download and learn from. This kit is full of  videos, demonstrations, labs and sample code that you can…