SQL Azure Marches On

I follow the Database Trends and Applications magazine because it is pretty platform independent, with a section for Oracle, SQL Server and DB/2. I found it interesting that when I turned there yesterday and today, among the top stories are “Cloud” – front and center. It’s easy to see why. When we think about technology…


Introducing Project Houston

At this point there should be no question that Microsoft is fully embracing the cloud. Windows Azure and SQL Azure launched earlier this year and have been receiving positive feedback. I’ve been happily using SQL Azure for several months. One of the great aspects of SQL Azure is the integration with the standard tooling, e.g….


The "Dallas" information marketplace

Today I’m here in Washington DC, demo-ing in Bob Muglia’s keynote at our Worldwide Partner Conference. This time, I’m showing something quite new – not just a new product, but a new concept in data – Microsoft’s premium information marketplace codenamed “Dallas.” “Dallas” may be better known as a village of 200 or so people…


Getting Started with SQL Azure

I’ve been using SQL Azure for several months now both for messing around (kicking the tires if you will) and for hosting a real database. I have a database with research data running in SQL Azure and I use Excel to connect to the database. I even share this out with others on my team….


Community and the SQL Server Presence

You’ve probably seen some press lately about how pervasive Microsoft is in lots of areas (here, here and here). We’ve also seen SQL Server show up in more and more enterprises – you can read lots of case studies here. There are lots of reasons that you’re seeing SQL Server numbers grow – we’re less…


He cares! He really cares!

I first met Sean McCown when I worked on the team developing SQL Server Integration Services. Sean was simultaneously one of our most active supporters and one of our most trenchant critics. He can very – what’s the word? – very forthright. You know, blunt, outspoken and generally on the money. So, I keep a look-out…


TechEd 2010 (US) Recap – New Orleans, LA

Well, I’ve almost recovered from TechEd this year. I had a fantastic time – learning, teaching and most of all, interacting. I’m really glad that Microsoft stuck with New Orleans – they’ve had a tough go of it since Katrina, but the city didn’t show a trace. It was clean, positive and vibrant. Lil’ Buck…


Going to TechEd – Are You?

I hope you’re able to join me next week at TechEd 2010 U.S. In New Orleans, Louisiana. I love taking this time each year to learn in an environment where I’m “out of my element”. What I mean by that is I have not only SQL Server knowledge all around me, but also knowledge for…


SQL Server 2008 R2 & Office 2010: Better Together

Mary-Jo Foley recently wrote a blog post about being better together. At Microsoft this is something we take seriously. In her blog post she includes some snippets of an interview with Donald Famer. Donald discussed how we exchanged some team members with the Excel team in order to have a great integration story. Anyone in…


What are your Five?

“Five” seems to be a big number these days – is it compression to have a “top-5” instead of a “top-ten”? 🙂 Over at Network world they’ve posted a quick slide deck of “Five things we love about SQL Server R2”. They even include…the Start Menu? OK – I guess everyone has different likes and…