A Cloudy Day In My Life

Since my team started work on Project Houston hardly a day goes by I’m not in some discussion about the Cloud. It also hits me when I go through my RSS feeds each day: cloud this and cloud that. There is obviously a significant new trend here, it may even qualify as a wave; as…


Migrating to SQL Azure

As Mary Jo Foley recently reported migrating to SQL Azure just got a little easier with the latest version of the SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA), released on August 12. Included in the update are the typical cast of source databases: Oracle, Sybase, and Access. But there are two new things. First, MySQL was added…


Introducing Project Houston

At this point there should be no question that Microsoft is fully embracing the cloud. Windows Azure and SQL Azure launched earlier this year and have been receiving positive feedback. I’ve been happily using SQL Azure for several months. One of the great aspects of SQL Azure is the integration with the standard tooling, e.g….


Getting Started with SQL Azure

I’ve been using SQL Azure for several months now both for messing around (kicking the tires if you will) and for hosting a real database. I have a database with research data running in SQL Azure and I use Excel to connect to the database. I even share this out with others on my team….


What’s the Best?

I monitor a number of different database discussion forums and you can always find a healthy debate on the best database platform. The problem with this question is the answer is always, it depends. It depends on the business and technical requirements today and over the next few years. We just published a case study…


SQL Server 2008 R2 & Office 2010: Better Together

Mary-Jo Foley recently wrote a blog post about being better together. At Microsoft this is something we take seriously. In her blog post she includes some snippets of an interview with Donald Famer. Donald discussed how we exchanged some team members with the Excel team in order to have a great integration story. Anyone in…


SQL Azure Now Supports Data-tier Applications

As announced a few weeks ago on the SQL Azure blog, SQL Azure now supports Data-tier Applications which are introduced with Visual Studio 2010 and SQL Server 2008 R2. Here’s a quick tour of the feature.  Here’s what I did: Launch Visual Studio 2010 and create a new Data-tier Application project Import my pubs database…


Big Bad SQL Server for Small Innocent Businesses?

Though short, this article in PC World makes an important point: the PowerPivot feature in SQL Server 2008 R2 is incredibly valuable to small businesses. I mentioned in a previous post that in another “life”, in enterprise IT for a Fortune 10 company, I built a “BI” app using a SQL Server backend and pivot…


Reviewing SQL Server 2008 R2 RTM

This past week we released SQL Server 2008 R2 to manufacturing. This is a huge accomplishment for the team and our customers are anxious to get their hands on it. I came across one blog post that expressed disappointment that the only thing they could download was the evaluation edition – they couldn’t wait to…


SQL Server 2008 R2 Digital Tour

If you want to learn more about SQL Server 2008 R2 this collection of videos is a terrific resource. There’s one covering an overview of the release and subsequent videos that drill in to specific feature areas. Each video is between 3 and 6 minutes long. The site also contains links to other resources and…