The SQL Server Roadmap

I've mentioned
that you
should be thinking about a "data roadmap". A way of thinking about
how you intend to leverage all of that data you're collecting.

And in that post I mentioned that
Microsoft has a "roadmap" for SQL Server. We think about how to
evolve the product all the time, with one overriding goal - to be the
"Information Platform" for your organization. It's more than just storing
and securing your data - it's about giving you tools that let you access
that data from anywhere, quickly and safely. In SQL Server 2008 R2 you'll see
big investments in this kind of thinking, from Master Data Services to Stream
Insight and PowerPivot and even interaction with SQL Azure. We're giving you
new ways to do the basic inputs and outputs, but we're also thinking beyond
those operations to new ways of allowing you to provide that data to your
organization. Bloomberg
has a review on some of these features that you can check out here

So make your data roadmap with our
product roadmap in mind - it's not just data, it's information.


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