A while ago, I was asked by customer how to tell if an instance parameter is dynamic or rather static (which requires me to restart the instance service). Parameters like fill factor (%) or max degree of parallelism. Does this parameter exist in the short list or do I need the show advance option? So…



Hello everyone, today I’d like to write about the LOG PARSER. First time I have encountered this tool was around 2004 when I had to load a big mass of data (IIS Log) into a database. A month ago I was asked by a customer, how can is it possible to read and load into…


Keep track of the DML changes:

Last week, one of my customers asked me how to track DML code. He had a scenario in which he needed to update a table and keep the old data. In the past, developers and DBAs have used custom code to track changes, stored procedures, triggers and CDC. Starting with version 2005, SQL Server supports…


Check your SQL – default Trace

Every installation of SQL has a default trace. The default trace was introduced in SQL 2005, It is the same trace that we know from the profiler or server but it is a preconfigured trace that is enabled as default. The default trace create five *.TRC file that are been recycle when they arrive to…


PERFMON & SQL Server – a small useful tip

One of the best Performance tools that I use is the PERFMON. PERFMON is a tool that exists out of the box on every windows machine and has lots of counters for almost every application. Perfmon provides current, accurate information on thousands of different attributes of your system. If you open the PERFMON in windows…


Four Tips for SQL Tuning for SharePoint Part 3 TEMPDB

    One of the focal points in SQL Server Tuning for SharePoint is around the TEMPDB. A lot of performance issues are caused by the performance of the TEMPDB. TEMPDB is one of the four system databases. Master is the database that contains all the information about the configuration of the SQL Instance. MSDB…


SQL Server Service Packs and Cumulative Updates List

See below SQL Server Service Packs and Cumulative Updates List. It will be updated monthly.