A while ago, I was asked by customer how to tell if an instance parameter is dynamic or rather static (which requires me to restart the instance service). Parameters like fill factor (%) or max degree of parallelism. Does this parameter exist in the short list or do I need the show advance option? So…



Hello everyone, today I’d like to write about the LOG PARSER. First time I have encountered this tool was around 2004 when I had to load a big mass of data (IIS Log) into a database. A month ago I was asked by a customer, how can is it possible to read and load into…


SQL 2014 Beta

SQL2014 BETA is available now. You can download and enjoy it.  Don’t forget to try the In memory DB


Replication of indexed views

Recently we created a Transactional Replication for one of our customer’s database. In addition to tables, views and procedures we had indexed view including Full Text Index base on it. Currently, we cannot specify on the management studio what we’d like to replicated with the indexed view, so the only way is to do it…


Keep track of the DML changes:

Last week, one of my customers asked me how to track DML code. He had a scenario in which he needed to update a table and keep the old data. In the past, developers and DBAs have used custom code to track changes, stored procedures, triggers and CDC. Starting with version 2005, SQL Server supports…


The scenario of a missing SA password:

You are the senior DBA of your organization, responsible for all the databases that hold the critical info. In order to secure the environment and the databases, you performed the next recommended steps: 1) Remove all built-in admin account from SQL Server logins. 2) Remove all users from SYSADMIN server role except SA (assuming you…


Discontinued and Deprecated features in SQL Server 2012

Recently we encountered a few problems with upgrades to SQL Server 2012, mainly because of usage of features that are no longer supported. Each time we are approach an upgrade, we try to minimize the risk. These built-in tools can assist us: SQL Server Upgrade Advisor SQL Server Profiler deprecation events SQL Server Distributed Replay…

SQL Server 2014 is here !

Community Technology Preview 1 is available. You are welcome to experiment with all great new features.

Did you know , Dead locks can be track from the System Health in SQL 2012

  Before using SQL server 2008, in order to capture a deadlock, we had to create a server side/profiler trace or use trace flags 1204, 1222. If you were lucky enough to work with SQL 2008/2008R2 you could have tried using XEvents (which were introduced in SQL 2008). SQL Server 2012 added a new feature,…


Where is the Help in SQL 2012? F1

In SQL 2012 the BOL (Books Online) are only located on the internet. When you press F1, you are redirected to the web, so what can we do in a closed environment, where my production server is not connected to the internet and I need the F1? Checking for help regarding the sys.dm_exec_cursors system table…