Free Ebook – Introducing Windows Azure for IT Professionals

Below is the link to a free ebook from Microsoft Press on Windows Auzre. Most of the Windows Azure services are described in some detail, with screenshots used to demonstrate some of the multitude of capabilities of the platform. And for the experienced there are lots of under-the-hood insights and expert tips written by…


Windows Azure Virtual Machines now available

Now available – Windows Azure Infrastructure Services, which includes Virtual Machines and Virtual Networks to keep your Windows Azure connected to your on-premises infrastructure and applications. Windows Azure Infrastructure Services provide the robust cloud infrastructure that is needed to run SQL Server and many of the applications that rely on SQL Server. With Windows Azure…


It’s a cloudy day in Sydney today – why not take this opportunity to learn about the Windows Azure Cloud

Ever wanted to quickly get up to speed on anything Azure related in a lab setting? The extensive collection of Windows Azure Virtual Labs is just a click away! Here is an excerpt from the current menu of tasty labs to try: Web Services and Identity Exploring Storage Web Sites and Virtual Machines using ASP.NET…


Windows Azure Cloud Platform Poster

They say pictures tell you a 1000 words and helps you to understand things clearly. Well certainly then you will find this poster very useful in making it clearer and easier to understand what exactly is Windows Azure and all of the services offered. Of course being the Data Platform guy, my favourite services are:…


New Public Previews of Hadoop for Windows and Windows Azure

Public previews of Windows Azure HDInsight Service and Microsoft HDInsight Server for Windows, Microsoft’s Apache Hadoop-based solutions for Windows Azure and Windows Server. For more information and access to the previews go to – Why Microsoft HDInsight? 100% Apache Hadoop compatible Big Data implementation. Microsoft support of HDInsight on Windows Server and Windows Azure….


I have had my head in the cloud lately…..

With the launch of the Virtual Machine preview on Windows Azure along with Media Services and Websites I have been busy just setting up a few environments. It has been really easy to spin up new VMs very quickly – literally in few clicks once you have registered for the preview for Virtual Machine. What’s…


When it rain it pours…well that saying definitely applies to the Windows/SQL Azure Cloud

As you no doubt are aware the Developer conference PDC is taking at Microsoft HQ Redmond Campus. During this conference there have been major announcements on our cloud (Windows and SQL Azure) offerings. In this post I have summarised these and included key links on how you can start taking advantage of these starting today….