What? You still think RAC is the answer for your high end database platform requirements even with SQL Server 2012 & SQL Azure now released! Time to think again

If you really have a requirement for scaling out your database workload today then an option that is available to you is the public cloud with SQL Azure. This enables you to future proof your architecture and manage the scale without the complexity and overhead of managing the infrastructure. You can be future proofed by…


Thinking about moving your database to the cloud

To help you evaluate your SQL Server database(s) readiness to move onto our public offering – SQL Azure, we have made available a new experimental online service – SQL Azure Compatibility Assessment   on SQL Azure Labs. This services checks compatibility of your schema. To use this service you need: Live ID A .dacpac extracted…


When it rain it pours…well that saying definitely applies to the Windows/SQL Azure Cloud

As you no doubt are aware the Developer conference PDC is taking at Microsoft HQ Redmond Campus. During this conference there have been major announcements on our cloud (Windows and SQL Azure) offerings. In this post I have summarised these and included key links on how you can start taking advantage of these starting today….


SQL Azure Service Update 4

Service Update 4 is now live with database copy, improved help system, and deployment of Microsoft Project Code-Named “Houston” to multiple data centers.   Support for database copy: Database copy allows you to make a real-time complete snapshot of your database into a different server in the data center. This new copy feature is the…


Migrate from MySQL/Access to SQL Azure or SQL Server with ease!

Microsoft announced today the release of the first version of SQL Server Migration Assistant (SSMA) for MySQL! Along with this release, Microsoft refreshed the existing SSMA family of products for Oracle, Sybase and Access with the latest v4.2 release. SQL Server Migration Assistant for MySQL is the newest migration toolkit, others include Oracle, Sybase, Access,…


Administering the Cloud database using your browser–Silverlight style :)

The SQL Azure Labs site recently made available CTP1 of Project Houston. Through this Silverlight enabled site you can manage a SQL Azure database. You can create objects tables, stored procs, write TSQL queries and view results. So if you are looking for a way to administer a SQL Azure database and currently your organisation…


Just like the fine Sydney weather today, some great announcements about our SQL Azure Cloud offering

SQL Azure Extends to 50 GB SQL Azure database is now extending from 10GB to 50GB size of database storage capacity. With 50 GB capacity now available, customers can have much broader use of the SQL Azure highly available, relational database service for many of their LOB business applications, taking full advantage of the SQL…


SQL Server 2008 R2 and SQL Azure Whitepapers

Kerberos/Double hop with SSRS From a infrastructure implementation of Microsoft BI solutions, one of the most difficult things to get right can be authentication between multiple servers in a scale out solution. This is known as the ‘double hop’ situation. A new white paper released in April 2010 outlines how to configure and troubleshoot a…


From the Ground to the Sky – SQL Azure Migration Wizard

Many of you maybe playing around with your CTP invitations for SQL Azure and wondering how to get your current on premises databases into the cloud. Some options you have probably used: Script out the database and modify these scripts quite a lot to recreate the objects in the cloud Once you have got the…