Analysis Services Report actions and SharePoint Integrated Mode Reports

This is one of those things that you can easily get wrong from time to time, (I have ), so thought I would share it on my blog and hopefully it will save some of you from facing the same issue. When you have Reporting Services running in SharePoint integrated mode and you want to…


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Reporting Services Style :)

This year I thought I would do something different, since I had some time on my hand (rare) . I created the below greeting card using SQL Server Reporting Services and data from SQL Azure. You will see that the gauge indicating the safe speed limit of 60km/h (Australia) is a reporting services visualisation, along…


Incorporating Reporting Services Reports in Word and PowerPoint

My colleague Alan Eldridge, BI Technology Specialist at Microsoft, put together a great post on incorporating Reporting Services reports in Word and PowerPoint. With his permission I am making it available to you. This post talks about incorporating the report into Office/PowerPoint as opposed to exporting to these formats. The report information is positioned at…


Report Builder 3.0: Getting Aussie Maps in the Reports

With SQL Server 2008 R2 CTP 2 being available, I have been playing around with one of the new features – Report Builder 3.0. One of the new features in this reporting services version is the ability to create Map based reports. Out of the box we will only ship with the map of USA…


SQL Server 2008 Developer Training Kit

Want some FREE training on the new developer features of SQL Server 2008? Download this developer training kit from – This kit contains examples, presentations, hands on labs. It works with Express Editions of SQL Server 2008 and Visual Studio.

Reporting Services – Combining different datasets to be displayed in a single table in SSRS

Regardless of version of SSRS (2005 or 2008), it is not possible to combine different datasets e.g. SQL Server database dataset, SSAS cube dataset, and XML feed. Possible workaround Some ways to achieve this would be to do this in the database during the data source retrieval. Use Linked Servers/CLR Routines/OPENROWSET/OPENDATASOURCE options to combine the…


Reporting Services Tip – Automating the creation of multiple charts

I had a question regarding automating the creation of multiple charts from one dataset, instead of having all the series being plotted on the one chart. An example of where this may be applicable if you have a dataset that has CPU usage for a number of Servers, and you want to create one chart…